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Adelaide, South Austarlia

what we offer

Our complete range of service inludes:
design, consulting, tutoring and supervising
We are there to assist in providing a comprehensive scope of ideas and design principles, based on your requirements. Your carefully considered wishes need to be transformed onto paper and approvd by council.
It is crucial to get a good set of drawings to the local council. Normally the council allow 4-6 weeks to return their decision.{cke_protected}{C}%3C!%2D%2D%3F%3Cp%2D%2D%3E
It may depend on the complexity of the design and site restrictions that could influence the time margin for approval. It is therefore important to understand
the full extent and scope of work before submitting it to the local council. 

  1. design
    For all your Design and Drafting requirements, from concepts to full architectural drawings. We design Residential buildings to be cost effective and energy efficient.
  2. consult
    From initial talks and concept ideas to final handover of the project, we can provide advice at every stage. For Planning and Building applications or sub-divisions, we can provide the assistance you require.
  3. tutor
    Tutoring for anyone without previous experience in drafting in AutoCAD or Revit. If you want to refine your existing skills or learn advanced modelling techniques, this will be your quickest way to improve.
  4. supervise
    Building Supervision for all New Homes up to 3 storeys in height.